The QSO Director is a tool for hams developed by hams.
The whole thing started as S79V Expedition team was getting ready for our adventure to the Seychelles in July 2016.
During preparation and configuration of N1MM+ logger Martin A65DC and Keli TF8KY started to discuss the possibility of online real time log-check, one thing led to the other and the QSO Director was born.

What is the QSO Director?

The QSO Director consists of three parts;


Wow, this is cool, how much does it cost?

As we wrote on the top, for "hams by hams", we know that you are basically broke, you have spent all your hard earned money on amplifiers, coax, antennas and flight tickets to a hard to find island.
We do not (as of now) charge anything for this! We will offer the basic QSO Director free of charge. If you are going somewhere cool, please invite us as operators maybe?
If you would like the QSO Director with extras, stuff that you really want us to change or add, well then we need to discuss some type of compensation...


How can I get a QSO Director for my next Expedition?

First of all, the QSO Director is not only for expeditions, if you are planning to host any type of radio activity you can most likely use the Director.
The QSO Director supports multi stations on same call sign (typical DXpedition), or multiple stations located on different places using different call signs, but are part of the same activity.
Simply look up A65DC on send an email, tell us what type of activity you are planning and when it is starting and we will get back to you.
To get a feeling for what we offer please check out the public site we used for S79V here

Upcoming Expeditions that will use the QSO Director:

OM0/SA6MIW will be on the air from February 10 until February 19, 2018..

Expeditions that used the QSO Director:


73 and good DX
A65DC, Martin
TF8KY, Keli